Scott (syhlion)

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Hello! I'm Scott, you can call me "syhlion".

I'm interested in Internet Technology .


B.A. in Multimedia Design
National Taichung University of Science and Technology


Technical Skills

  • Programming: golang、PHP、lua
  • RMDBS: mysql
  • Nosql: scylla、redis
  • Infrastructure:nginx、k8s、docker、helm、istio、ELK
  • CI/CD: drone
  • Quene: nsq
  • Version Control: git
  • Others: devops、Software Architecture Design
  • Cloudplatform:GCP


  • 12 years of experience in backend development
  • 12 years of experience in platform building
  • 6 years of experience in Golang development
  • 3 years of experience leading a backend team of 15+ members in product development and technical operations
  • Cross-department collaboration: Collaborated with project teams, frontend engineering teams, management, and external partners such as payment providers to discuss detailed specifications and analyze actual needs.
  • Team building: Built a team from scratch by selecting engineers from other teams and recruiting 3-4 additional members, as well as retaining colleagues from other teams who were considering leaving. Managed a team of up to 15 people, and as part of a recent company merger, merged the team with another engineering team and system, resulting in a team size of 20 people.
  • Management experience: Managed a team of up to 20 people, including data engineers, infra engineers, SRE engineers, DBA engineers, and product development engineers, and led the team in building and operating a new product for the past 3 years.
  • Community Involvement: I have participated in three ithome Ironman technical article creation competitions, and led a team to participate in two of them.

CHUNGYO GROUPTeam Leader - Taiwan, Taichung - 2018-now

  • Led the creation of a new product from scratch by selecting talented individuals from other teams and guiding them in learning GCP and k8s while establishing a new CI/CD mechanism.
  • Developed a cloud-native, distributed cron job system using Golang for the team's convenience.
  • Designed a comprehensive alert system after the product went live, which sends warnings via Telegram and allows for bi-directional debugging to reduce engineers' on-call burden.
  • Analyzed online systems in real-time and provided engineers with proper instructions to troubleshoot issues.
  • Constantly evaluated new technologies for potential integration into the product to improve it.
  • Trained team members in statistical data analysis to support online data analysis for product maintenance and new development.
  • As part of a recent company merger, managed a team of nearly 20 individuals and integrated both new and legacy products while leveraging technology to reduce costs.

CHUNGYO GROUPInternet Developer - Taiwan, Taichung - 2014-2018

  • In response to the company's exclusive use of PHP at the time, which made it difficult to use WebSocket technology, I taught myself Golang and created a WebSocket server that can be used with any language through REST APIs . The following year, I revamped it to a cluster version to comply with the trend of containerization . It is currently used by all products within the department, with a peak concurrent user count of up to 20,000 people.
  • I also assisted in rewriting some features of old products from PHP to Golang, resulting in a performance improvement of more than 10 times and a corresponding 10-fold reduction in machine costs.

GuanhuasoftC# Web Developer - Taiwan, Taichung - 2013-2014

  • Assisted the company in building a new gaming platform using C#.NET development and SQL Server.

RunewakerPHP Web Developer - Taiwan, Taichung - 2011-2013

  • At that time, the company's main development of MMO RPG games were all handled by other distributors for operation. However, the Taiwan team wanted to operate the games themselves, so they invited me to develop and plan the entire game platform from scratch.

富格曼科技PHP Web Developer - Taiwan,Taipei - 2010-2011

  • Assisted the company in integrating various types of games into the company's gaming platform, allowing Taiwanese players to top up and play. Developed various event programs in collaboration with event planners.
  • workout
  • play video game
  • read Jin Yong's novels
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